Wisenet WAVE VMS is designed to be flexible and integrate with a variety of third-party systems. This makes it a versatile and powerful tool for a variety of industries. Integrating Wisenet WAVE can offer a wide range of benefits for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Many partner VMS also leverage our in-camera expertise, such as AI forensic search, deep device integration, and easy camera configuration.

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AMAG Integration Plugin for Wisenet WAVE VMS
VMS Plugin
Hanwha Vision Plug-in for Genetec
VMS Plugin
Hanwha Vision Plug-in for Milestone
VMS Plugin
Wisenet WAVE OVID Service for LenelS2 NetBox
WAVE Plugin for LenelS2 NetBox
WRTC-EP series
Epic Integration License with Wisenet WAVE VMS WRTC-EP3-1 WRTC-EP5-1

Showing all 6 results